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Astronaut Coloring

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The picture shows astronaut who went into space. Print out this free online coloring. Use the mouse....

Cats astronauts

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You have a team of specially-trained cats astronauts.Your task is to collect as-much money as you can.For this money you can improve your wards skills, buy a cannon and so on.Open up the achievements and earn more points...

Terrene Escape

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Make the astronaut escape the terrene by avoiding the obstacles on the screen like spaceship, aliens etc and should collect the jewel. Make sure you don't make contact with any of these things to proceed to the next leve...

Space Animals

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Dive bombing out of a spaceship down to the planet’s surface is a dangerous activity. Space animals need your help to land in their habitat. If they miss their land it spells doom for these little critters. Worst of all,...


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By directing a rocket, you should to rescue the astronauts who get lost in the outer space....

Lost Astronaut

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FGDCup 1st place!Help the astronaut to escape from the colorful planets! 3 planets of fun. Great animations and unique style. Many passing options guarantees replay ability.Use your mouse to point-and-click....