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Soccer Stars Launch

Choose your favorite soccer player of the year: Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan or Iniesta. Shoot the ball as far as you can in this football launch game. Use your mouse to aim and to kick the ball. Collect money and multipliers to increase your score. Buy upgrades and special abilities in the shop.

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  • HeavyScout 1 year ago

    This kinda puts all the criticism agai1t Double Fine in pe1pective.nI do have sympathy for the Project Phoenix team, because this is something that will hang over them for yea1, but if you don’t have experience to handle problems that might (will happen), maybe you shouldn’t try to take on the world.

  • Barf 1 year ago

    Games that enable P2W suck donkey balls. P2W is so prevalent in real life that I don&1quo;t fucking want it in my GAME. Rich fuckwits buy themselves all sorts of advantages in real life. I&1quo;m thinking that in my game, they should have to WORK for it like everyone else!

  • Ki1gan 1 year ago

    seriously… why a moba? why cant they just make an action shooter or something again like they used to. seems stupid they&1quo;d turn into sheep