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Beaver Trouble Typing

Someone is in trouble my friends! Indeed! A baby beaver got lost and now his parents are searching for him. Will you be kind enough to help this lovely family? If so, choose your character and start rushing towards the baby! But there is one condition in this game and that condition is to type hastily! Perhaps you have doubts, but we know you can do it! The positive thing in this game is that will help you improve your typing skills and you will have the chance to find the baby! How cool is that? Rush now and be the reason for the happy faces of the family’s reunion.

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  • bness42 2 years ago

    I am super excited about this! The LEGO series is one of the few with easily-accessible co-op that my wife will actually play with me on the 360. We 100%‘ed LEGO LotR (all achievements) over the holidays and have started working back through the LEGO catalog. I&1quo;ve got my eye on the DC one that came out recently, but she&1quo;s not as familiar with those characte1 as she is with Marvel so this one is going to be a home run.