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Strawberries Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the picture of strawberries

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  • dude 1 year ago

    with AoBaka!!!
    Malice 700 week really? that not very casual…
    quest come 60-40 gold so 50 gold(about) per quest 50×7 350g from quest u need to play another 100+ game to get the other 350 gold…..
    zagy11 ..maybe …but u need to play a lot and get lucky
    -150 gold start arena run 12win (2-3hr) get 400gold-150(start) 250 u need to run another arena ….2-3hr+ 250)end gold form last round)-150(arena fee) =100 +400(12win) = 500gold 4-6hr
    and that 12win back to back