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Zombie Slicer

Zombie Slicer is a free online zombie shooting game in which you have to shoot all the zombies to reach next level. Avoid hit by zombie hit can harm you and your health will come down which can cost your life. Avoid all creatures in the game to kill you. We hope you enjoy playing Zombie Slicer Game online. If you like Zombie Slicer Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.rnrnUse mouse to shoot the zombie to play and enjoy zombie slicer online for free.

Category: Action

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  • Dizzyjay 1 year ago

    I like the B2P model, it really fits the game since all of the previous elder scrolls game followed that step. But this is a MMORPG, so P2P is possible. If they seriously go for P2P, I think I&1quo;ll just wait until its F2P. But if they go for B2P, then of cou1e I ll buy it and play it.