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Survive Mars

Description: Surviving Mars is a free online adventures game in which you have to reach as far you can and avoid the stones and other thing which can harm you or kill you. We hope you enjoy playing Surviving Mars Game online. If you like Surviving Mars Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.
Instructions/ Control: Play Surviving Mars with mouse to enjoy it for free.

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  • MMOBomb didnt even take cheated votes away and the whole showdown was about they getting money from people clicking on their site. Well anyways, i guess both of the games are ok if they got to here but i have to say that Warframe is totally pay to win BECAUSE you can buy the weapo1 even though you can just get them for free. I guess other mobas voted for Warframe cause they are jealous 😉 Smite ftw anyways. Warframe community gave me cancer @ Twitch