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Air Taxi Japan

Remake of old hit from 90ths "UGH!". Taxi driver works on his strange helicopter and fulfills his dream. 4 seasons, 36 levels.

Category: Action

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  • SanitysDemise 1 year ago

    I&1quo;ve already posted a link to Vanguards main forums proving my earlier post that it has indeed already launched it&1quo;s f2p system, but the link is awaiting moderation. It&1quo;s very similar to other psuedo-f2p styles. You can use 6 out of 19 races and 7 out of 15 classes the rest being purchasable through micro-tra1actio1 or simply subscribing. Those are 2 limitatio1 are the major ones, but there are still some that are just as annoying.

  • CTron 1 year ago

    Exactly.. 1 in about 5 giveaways work and 3 out of 10 are even worth going to and logging in for. But that ad monehhhhh and site stats ftw.