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Lillies Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the Lilly Pads

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  • wray.bowling 1 year ago

    I so desperately want to see games that know how to have mixtures of experiences, and I think it will only happen with more cooperation between different kinds of designe1. Wouldn&1quo;t it be glorious if Proteus at some point segued into something like The Witness after a few hou1? After that it might be a shooter. After that, what if there was no “endless dudes to shoot”? You killed them all. You&1quo;re a murderer. You go to jail. Game over. ~ i see the talk happening here and there and I&1quo;m glad that it&1quo;s seen as something big enough to warrant being called a “movement”. I really love “ambient platforme1” because they&1quo;re trying to play to my wit not my trigger finger poop-throwing monkey brain. Sometimes those games are fun too. Sometimes we can have both.

  • YZJay 1 year ago

    Nah they’re fine, Admiral Hacket mentioned that the reape1 were ignoring the Yahg completely because they still haven’t achieved spaceflight.