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School Bus License 3

Are you ready to advance your license in School Bus License 3? Passing the test is now even trickier in this driving simulation. Test your skills through 17 challenging levels, ranging from picking children up from a variety of bus stops and dropping them at school to avoiding road blocks and even making sure the ride is smooth enough so the kids are not sick in the bus. Go get your personalised license now.rn

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  • Phr3aky 1 year ago

    The fun part is lvl 1-80 as a new player, after that you will see things like …
    1. World vs Word is only zerg vs zerg, who has the bigger numbe1 wi1, end of story.
    2. Running the same dungeo1 over and over again hoping you get a precu1or for a legendary weapon. You won&1quo;t see that too soon.
    3. Repetitive AF, useless events that makes you farm same crap over and over again.
    4. META builds for pvp, using something else will get you kicked from the pvp match.
    5. Kids with 5-10 legendary weapo1 bought from dem interwebs.
    The list is much longer but I hope I said enough, this comes from a player who invested more than 3500 hou1 in this crap game.

  • Cubkyle 1 year ago

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