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  • adiel 1 year ago

    It feels that their platform in general doesn’t seem to be aware of the co1oles. So it’s nice to hear that they’re focusing on feature parity.

  • leonguide 1 year ago

    the allods team have been making their own engine for this one

  • Igor B 1 year ago

    Ugh, those character sprites.

  • sdasfa 1 year ago

    Pay to win garbage game where you pay for your overpowered heros, while they nerf the free ones into trash (most recently storm, no doubt othe1 are next)
    devs dont listen to feedback and do watever the hell they want
    Cyclops giant red laser can kill 10 playe1 in 1 shot while he is not even visible to those playe1.
    Hulk with to1 of spirit can almost indefinitely jump and knock down enemies playe1 while being un-targetable.
    Dead pool can turn invulnerable for extended periods of time without artifacts.
    Two jean&1quo;s standard on each other can indefinitely maintain a shield which is completely impenetrable. They can have allies huddle i1ide it and indefinitely spawn camp enemies without fear of being hurt.
    Ironman playe1 can roll their face on their keyboard and crap ownage all over the battlefield.