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My little angel

Would you like to play this my little angel baby care game where you need to apply your babysitting skills and technique to complete your job. Give the baby a proper bath and then feed her well and when these two session over just dress up her as per your liking to complete her pretty look. Enjoy!

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  • ryan 1 year ago

    im ok with early access buying in and supporting the game so they can make more positive re enforcements to it. what im not a fan of is keeping it in that state for longer than a couple months. its total bullshit to keep a game in there for a year or more. the game needs to be played by more make the open betas free get fixed what you need fixed and offer cash shop items early to those that are willing to pay so they can test these items out and also continue supporting the game.

  • Sama124 1 year ago

    I&1quo;ve seen people make an account and just stare at the character. Forever alone.