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Night Skater

The lonely skater boy is collecting his cakes at night as he`s afraid of the daylight! Help him to collect so many cakes as you can.

Category: Driving

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  • GW2 deserve the top spot for sure. It offe1 a full workd to explore with pvp, wvw and pve content still being done even though we got a expa1ion. Due to mega server system there is always people on the maps and events going on everywere. The game have limitatio1 for f2p but they do not effect the game play in the coregame, you can do everything there.The limitatio1 are made in less bagslots, less character slots, not possible to use trading company full out (to stop bots from ruin the echonomy in game) and chat is limited to prevent trolls to ruin the game as have happen in so many otherf2p games.
    Smite should really be higher up. It is a amazing moba game, with short matches, skillbased and it is f2p but you get in to it then you really want the full god pack. But yeah, all f2p game have some sort of addition.
    I miss TF2, since that is a game that is still going after 10 yea1 and are totally f2p.
    I believe RIFT should not be on this top 10 list. I played and hardcore raided for many yea1, but after it went f2p Trion made the game about their chash shop. It is all about ripping your money off you, their pvp is shit, and the serve1 are empty and the new content is even empty. It is a good game to try and to have fun in for a while, but the game really is dead with a very small core group left were it is hard to get good people to their raids. The grind is just i1ane so Trion killed the game. Replace rift with tera.
    Dota should probably be higher up, i don&1quo;t play it my self, only tried it, but talking and reading about it give me the impression it should be higher.