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Seville Air

Find the pictures within the scenes of Seville in this hidden object like game

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  • roncarmel 1 year ago

    hi peddie, ron from indie fund here. you&1quo;re operating under two false assumptio1.none is that funding double fine comes at the expe1e of funding other teams. the fact is, our bottle neck is in finding promising games where we think our funding will help the develope1 become self sustaining. we have always had more money than projects to invest in (and still do).nthe second false assumption is that double fine is a financial hit. it&1quo;s not. they still rely on external funding to keep the company going, and are working super hard to get out of that rut so that they are totally free to explore all their creative ideas without outside interference/restrictio1. that&1quo;s something we&1quo;d like to help with, and the reason we&1quo;re working with them on these new games.