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Minha Piruca!(demo)

Demo/unfinished game originally in portugese. i hope you like:)rnHe kills for his wig! your only chance is hide in the house! Try escape him before he gets you!

Category: Adventure

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  • ontheriver 1 year ago

    Interesting article, but Crusader Kings 2 is far from bug-free. I bought it for Mac, and I can&1quo;t even play the latest DLC I bought. Have been told that the develope1 might ‘hopefully&1quo; be able to fix the issue in the next patch, whenever that might be. So frustrating! Very cautious about EU4 now (but, argh, it looks so good!)

  • LoL rocks 1 year ago

    LoL is much better than that piece of sht game called hon LoL will live for ever