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Match 3 Xmas Edition

This is a magnificent Xmas matching game with fun and great challenge. Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more same colored items next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match.To win a level clear all the blocks.

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  • Strangelove 1 year ago

    I&1quo;ve come full-circle on early access. On the one hand, it was great to play Day-Z (backbwhennit was still an Arma II mod), Minecraft, and Kerbal beforw the formal release, but with Minecraft and Day-Z, I got my fill and moved on to other games before they were even released. I kind of feel like I cheated myself out of the actual experience with both games. That&1quo;s why I stopped cold turkey with Kerbal after putting in over 100 hou1 prior to the career mode update — I didn&1quo;t want to get sick of the game before it even comes out, before it&1quo;s optimized and all the features are added.nOn a side note, I&1quo;m really sick of my Xbone being treated like an early access co1ole. BF4 has been a freaking nightmare — Just last night, I spent over an hour “playing”, but got into one actual game over that entire time (and even though I picked Conquest, it stuck me in a random team deathmatch game, i1tead). And nevermind that it has erased my singleplayer game at least four times, to the point that I&1quo;ve just totally given up on the campaign. Oh, and somehow I had MORE connection problems after I paid for/downloaded both expa1ion packs. I figured maybe the reason I was having trouble getting into serve1 was because I didn&1quo;t have the DLC. Nope, it&1quo;s all just a shit sandwich.nSo, yeah, my kingdom for a complete, polished game.

  • Hoper 1 year ago

    Mount and Blade anyone?