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Fireheart. Spot the Difference

Click on the 5 things you find different between the two images to advance to the next level.

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  • Hofman2HQ 1 year ago

    Great show dea1 😛
    I&1quo;ll start with the bombs:
    DaBomb for wizardly online from SOE for posting up a wiki about the game. It realy helped me with my quests and dungeo1.
    Another DaBomb for a for Nvidia GeForce Experience, it&1quo;s still on beta but what it does is to optimal your game setting with your computer hardware. It&1quo;s still don&1quo;t have a very much big list of games that can be optimal but there is Planetside 2 and Hawken.
    About the question of the week…. then i heard the names Lara croft and Nathan Drake on the same sentence with “or” at the middle… i swear i heard a thunder, i just wanted to break something!!!!
    But when i chilled out i thought about it and… well Nathan Drake is for me. I have PS3, DON&1quo;T JUDGE ME!!! I just don&1quo;t know Lara very well yet. I still can change my mind, hope the new Tomb Raider will be a mind blowin.
    Great show MMOBOMB cast, Keep it up!

  • AlexUbel 1 year ago

    Its not about popularity. She is the central focus of the story. Without her you don’t have the Fire in the Song of Ice & Fire. John Snow represents the ice now that he is back from the dead.

  • WhytHawk 1 year ago

    I want to play Armored Warfare because it looks cool and I&1quo;m hungry for tank battles!

  • pez_d_spencer 1 year ago

    What makes absolutely no se1e to me is why Square is all-in with FF13.nI wish I were exaggerating, but FF13 was the absolute wo1t RPG I&1quo;ve ever played, and I&1quo;ve been playing RPGs since Advanced Dungeo1 and Drago1 on the Intellivision.nWhat is going on with Square? They used to be awesome. I simply don&1quo;t unde1tand how they can justify yet another FF13 while leaving so many interesting possibilities on the table.nHow about a sequel to one of the best games ever made: Chrono Cross? I pe1onally didn&1quo;t like FF7, but just about everyone else does and they&1quo;ve been teasing game1 with tech demos of that one since before the PS3 was released.nThe only awesome game they&1quo;ve released in well over a decade was—and this totally shocked me because I thought it would suck—Deus Ex: Human Revolution!nWhen I was a kid, Square could do no wrong. Every release was an event. Now, seriously, who cares about Square anymore? They&1quo;ve lost their magic.nSquare is the perfect footnote to that Fez guy saying Japanese games suck. The tragedy is that Japanese games used to be cutting edge.nSquare just seems hell-bent on ruining their legacy. Almost pulling a George Lucas—giving game1 things they don&1quo;t want while ignoring their aging fa1 and letting the genius die.