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Firefighters Truck

As a driver of Fire Truck you must deliver firefighters to the place of conflagration as fast as possible so they can extinguish the fire. But be careful on the streets, try not to crash your truck and do not knock down pedestrians.rnControls:rnArrow keys to drivernSPACE for brakesrnM to look at map

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  • wookiebattle 1 year ago

    I think a point being missed is the Xbox is meant to do more than game. My family honestly uses it more for things like Fitness, Zumba, TV, and yes, games. It works well for all those things and it is still very early. And there is nothing better right now than being able to yell “Xbox, mute” from the kitchen. nThe gesture overlay sucks though, I&1quo;m waiting for the option to turn hand control off. In fact, most of the issues would be solved with some Granular optio1 for the kinect.

  • Konradak 1 year ago

    Just finished the and I thought it was great. I’m not surprised that it gets dumped on here, because the humor they use is a big controve1y here. Seriously, if someone says rape or farts in the direction of the word “gay” around here without putting it behind some sort of white male hate or a feminist agenda, it’s bad. Oh well. For those less offended by everything, this movie was pretty good. Enjoy! Or don’t, because fuck it!