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Ural Truck

Soldier. There is some job for you. You will receive further orders from your commander Kate. But you must to know - this will be not so easy. You'll need to deliver some secret weapon, save wounded soldiers and all this must be done as fast as possible. So get your Ural Truck and go.rnControls:rnW, Up arrow - Speed UprnS, Down arrow - Slow DownrnA, Left arrow - Tilt backrnD, Right arrow - Tilt frontrnSPACE - Brakes and hand interaction

Category: Action

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  • Tofer 1 year ago

    If you can&1quo;t even raid at 50 without paying 15$ a month then what the hell is the point…? Please someone tell me.

  • maxi 1 year ago

    I want a Royal quest DLC pack because i want to See New thinks 😉

  • aigoo 1 year ago

    i prefer this than diablo 2 or 3 cuz its FREE!