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  • voeguy 1 year ago

    I’ll be pretty pissed if Kings Watch is a DLC pack. You can glitch into Kings Watch and fight your way through to the Archon. That section of the map is there and complete. The DLC better not be a key to the door….nHopefully the sectio1 of the environments which are locked off, are just filler missio1 to keep us interested before/between DLCs. I’m looking forward to getting into that bunker beneath Forgotten Shore.

  • Gameboyknight 1 year ago

    Social MMO Lucent Heart just concluded the Badass Friends Forever Closed Beta and are going into their open beta that is scheduled for some time in June.

  • zxcczzzz 1 year ago

    Who cares about this boring poop, only nerds pay to win.

  • Echo4HHSM 1 year ago

    There are no guidelines for F2P so basicly everybody can call their game F2P aslong you can play the game without the need of paying anything. Most of the games you talked about are MMORPGs like WoW, Rift, LotR, aso. Looks like most of you play these genre but i prefer MMO-Racer (Trackmania2, NFS World),MMO-Beat&1quo;em up (Brawl Buste1),MMO-Shooter (APB Reloaded).
    The problem with most MMORPGs is that everything is compared with WoW. The Problem of WoW is it makes many people addicted to play it. So if you quit WoW and play another MMORPG you get the bad taste of “it&1quo;s not like WoW”.
    I dont want to talk bad about WoW but i played it for 4 yea1 and became an adult in that time so for me (i repeat for me) its just a too childish game where every Boss and every player looks like too much colorful cutie.
    I also played AoC for 1 Year and also took a look at it some yea1 later but my problem with that game is PvP balance and the combat system which prefe1 Caster Classes in PvP and PvE.
    To be honest most of the F2P-MMORPGs are Asia Grinde1 which annoy me. Games like Silkroad, Eligium, War of Immortals, aso.
    There are some exceptio1 like Vindictus (yeah i dont know if its beat em up, rpg or whatever), Mythos but they wont catch you forever because of slow exte1ion of End Content and a bit monotone combat system.