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Blokk Party

Clear 20 levels of progressive difficulty set to dubstep beats in this breakout style game. Weave in and out of drops to collect buffs, valuable fragments, or power-ups to enter bonus mode for extra challenges with a hardcore dubstep music track and distracting effects for much greater rewards.


Keep the ball moving with your paddle while avoiding red debuff drops.
Clear each stage to progress to the next level with all of your collected fragments.
Catch the blue xPoint power-ups to enter bonus mode for 30 seconds and receive x2, x4, or x6 points.


Left-Arrow and Right-Arrow control the paddle.
Press Spacebar to pause the game.

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  • RadChild 1 year ago

    Oh man… I had my hopes up for this game, but it seems there&1quo;s nothing to replace Black Prophecy. ;(

  • surlysmiles 1 year ago

    Someone so worthless has the gift of life and freedom wasted on him.