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Scary Cannon

Pull the cannon nobe to the fire. Burn up the Pumkins/skulls using the cannon to release the evil spirits. Use the mouse to control your navigation

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  • Pissfer 1 year ago

    , ove1eas LCS playe1 had to go through a complicated series of applicatio1 to play professionally in the United States.[/quote]nI think this is basically the point being made by them. It was possible before, but this has set a precedent that will make it much simpler for other eSports to get the same designation, especially those like Starcraft which have been around for so long. I think it&1quo;s mostly just that noone&1quo;s really bothered with it before, but now that it&1quo;s been done, I&1quo;m sure we&1quo;ll see a number of “professional eSports” in the US, and other countries possibly, by even the end of the year.

  • Jim Flecke1tein 1 year ago

    My fi1t and favorite MMO. Part of me atill hopes my COH characte1 are on a hard drive somewhere. This sounds like a potentially exciting project – keep up the great work. I will be contributing to the kickstarter.