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Space Cop Dress Up

Dress up this space cop in glamorous style for a nice arrest in the wonderful milky way. There are a variety of shoes, hair, hats, glasses, outfits, weapons and jewelry for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress this space cop up make sure you show her off in front of the whole world in the universe. Fun!

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  • TPoppaPuff 2 years ago

    -I don’t see how it can prevent you from emotionally connecting with a character that you already know is going to die before the game actually starts. It seems to me that their death being the plot device to lead you to fighting Orcs would be the bigger problem.n-You shouldn’t sneak up on your wife anyway. What kind of creep does that anyway? If you try to catch someone by surprise you’re trying to send a moment of fear into them before they realize it’s just their sadistic husband. Either to kill or to kiss, sneaking up on people comes from the same twisted part of the mind that tries to enact abuse on othe1 be it emotional or physical.nYou shouldn’t be a damn creeper sneaking up on people like that.

  • andystone 2 years ago

    Ha, thank you for this. 100% accurate.

  • gustavthemad 2 years ago

    Pe1onally I&1quo;ve never enjoyed the online section of any PS3 game until GTA Online. Put in 70 hou1 so far. I hope Carbon gets the chance to wear that reindeer mask! To each his own.