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In Robotoka, you are playing a red roboblock who is looking for a hidden candy. The only way he can see the candy, it is when his roboeyes are charged with the energy of the stars. Click on the red roboblock to move it, collect the stars and eat that tasty robocandy through the 12 levels!

You control the red roboblock with your mouse.

Category: Action

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  • I agree, he was a great guy!

  • david whale 2 years ago

    wow .. just wow lol .. actually not going to try this game because of this review its actually a great review lol. and explai1 exactly what i would have quit for so you saved me some time ty

  • Lephys 2 years ago

    Agreed. For lack of a better way of putting it, if a developer’s going to make mistakes, I’d rather they do it in an active attempt to learn from them, than purely in an active attempt to make the most money. “Oh, I guess that didn’t work. Let’s just make an about face and produce an ENTIRELY different game next time, i1tead of actually trying to figure out what went well, what didn’t, and why.”nAlso, a lot of their “mistakes” (like stuff with Watchdogs) was perhaps from being overly ambitious, but the mishaps that result in gameplay allow them to learn that “Hey, while that had problems, we now know that we can get it to work exactly as intended next time, and that it DOES actually work well in a game.”