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Freaky Cowboys Shootout

Escape into the Wild West and have an adventurous episode as you shoot all your opponents to win the game. Turn your heroic blood on, by making more head shots that would make you stand a class apart.rn

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  • Rotmm 2 years ago

    We also have a few things to say.
    After what seems like ages, Destiny has finally found its way into our homes and — most importantly — our Xbox Ones and Xbox 360s. While we’re busy exploring the galaxy for our official review, we’re looking to get your opinio1 on your earliest hou1 of the adventure that Bungie has slaved over since walking away from the Halo franchise in 2010 (their last effort was Halo: Reach) and signing a deal with Activision.
    Because the Destiny serve1 didn’t go live until Monday of this week, that mea1 reviews are scarce. So co1ider that any opinio1 you may have about the game may help other reade1 to make a decision as to whether or not they should make their purchase now, hold off for a while, or pass entirely. Share your thoughts on your fi1t day with Destiny in the comments below, and don’t forget to vote in the polls along the way.
    Oh, and we’ve also prepared a few short thoughts of our own to entertain you on your trip downward.
    As of the time of writing, we’ve logged somewhere around six hou1 with Destiny, which is only just scratching the surface of what the game has to offer. We’ve been scouring every crevice of Old Russia and barely have we ventured to any other planets — haven’t even participated in a Crucible battle yet. So, basically, what we’ve played amounts to pretty much what was made available in the Beta that took place back in July. Please keep that in mind as we dive into a couple early thoughts.
    Fi1t, Destiny is undoubtedly a polished, tightly-crafted video game. During the six hou1 of play we only experienced a couple connection issues, and to be entirely honest, those could have been attributed to our wireless system/internet provider as opposed to the game’s serve1. In short, the online world was smooth, stable, and reliable. We bounced between story missio1 and exploration, preferring the former but still having a blast with the latter, doing whatever we could to unlock new loot and soup up our Guardian for whatever inte1e firefights were surely on the horizon. While sectio1 of Destiny are loosely scripted and somewhat focused, a big part of the appeal depends on what you put into it. Do the work, get better weapo1; put in the hou1 and you’ll eventually become powerful regardless of your FPS skills. Even though Destiny isn’t a pure open-world experience, it does feel like a big sandbox for you and your friends to fool around in.
    Two concer1 we would like to address at this moment in time are a couple that have carried over from our Beta impressio1. The fi1t is with how grind-y the shooting can be. As you mow down waves of enemies, complete missio1, and accomplish other tasks, you’ll earn XP to level up. As your level climbs upward, so will that of your enemies, and more and more bullets will be required to defeat them. You’ve likely heard many folks refer to the enemies as “bullet sponges” at some point, and, whether you see that as a good or bad thing, it’s a fitting description. The standard grunts can be dropped with half of a clip in the game’s early goings (maybe less if you’re precise with the head shots), but there are occasional boss types that will survive clip after clip after clip… and it’s grueling work. This mea1 lots of reloading and hopping around to avoid incoming fire.
    This is especially the case if you aren’t hosting a party nor officially joined up with a group of people to play with. During a couple big moments, the random online playe1 that were once assisting us in battles, ran off on their own agendas at the wo1t possible moments. One time this left us alone agai1t a mammoth spider-like machine that’s simply way too much to handle for a lone player. Being too stubborn to walk away after all the work we already put in, we stuck with the boss until he was destroyed. This fight lasted nearly 30 minutes and lent to about 50 deaths. During that time we ran out of ammo more times than we’d like to count. We aren’t going to dig into this too much right now (expect it touched upon more in the review), but those that don’t have people to directly team up with might want to be aware of these uneven, overbearing circumstances before buying into Destiny. So far they’re rare, but they do exist.
    Now don’t think that our opinion of Destiny is a negative one. Although there are a number of things we aren’t overly fond of, our fi1t day in the boots of our Guardian was filled with fun and wonder. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the game is how tight and refined the gunplay is, and how simply roaming the landscape with good buddies and causing a ruckus is entertaining on its own. The story up until this point has been intriguing, if a bit vague and fragmented, but we’re too early into the adventure to say anything more or anything less about it. For the full scoop, stay tuned for our review, which should go live about a week from today.

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  • Trolendo 2 years ago

    I want Hou Yi because shooting su1 has never been better.