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Deeno Run

Click your mouse to jump and click longer to jump higher. Press spacebar to shoot fire at obstacles! Collect dino eggs and mushrooms!

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  • Ghestly 1 year ago

    heh, i got email 2 days later, realy nice feature

  • Hollowsin 1 year ago

    I have to start off by saying that Wu needs to suck it up and deal with it. She made a decision to jump into the GG debate knowing very well what she was getting into. You stir the pot, it’s gonna smell. I wouldn’t be surprised she’s also exaggerating things to leverage her pitifulness.nAs for the threats, who in the world is going to publicize they’re going to murder someone on youtube and act on it? This is school yard bullying. Trolling 201. I totally unde1tand the police not wasting time on this.nNow for GG. GG fi1t and foremost erupted from the Quinn affair, not because of misogyny and wanting to eradicate women from games. All the clusterfuck which has become GG is essentially because of Sarkeesian. All of the games Sarkeesian is targeting are dominated by male game1. She’s essentially trying to change something that has no reason to change. Why no reason? Numbe1 and money. GTA’s a big target for her, so let’s take GTA for the sake of debate. GTA 5 sold for nearly 2 billion dolla1’ worth of copies, and that’s just one game. “Good luck Sarkeesian” is all I have to say about that, no matter how many Kickstarter campaig1 she makes. Not to mention that Sarkeesian’s claims about GTA are clearly cherry-picked. Like every other game she “critiques”.