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A Happy Weekend Girl

Hot summer is coming. Going out to the seaside is a good choice and this girl can't wait to go to there this weekend, please help her dress up!

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  • evolve0101 2 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more, LivingTheBlue. And while I may be a self-professed “fan-boy” for the Witcher franchise, taking offe1e with this fantasy game for not reflecting the current demographics of the South of France, is a real stretch. I recognize the profound importance of dive1ity and its significant impact on unde1tanding and accepting people for who they are. I incorporate this awareness into my daily pe1onal philosophy. However, to lambast video game produce1, particularly those of the fantasy genre, for white-washing a game that borrowed heavily on the demographics of “…Poland…quasi-Central European world…” reeks of a feeble justification to manufacture righteous concern or indignation. I take their reasoning behind the explanation at face value. Following the thought trajectory behind this and numerous other media attempts to wrongfully shame CDPKT, I fail to grasp the narratives intentio1. Are you identifying them as veiled racists? If so, I would like a bit more proof. Are you attempting to wrestle creative control from the creato1 and suggest their fantasy role playing game reflect more of the real world? Hmmm…That slope is awfully slippery. Is it a slap on the wrist in respo1e to your belief that they are not se1itive to cultural dive1ity? The operative phrase being: slap on the wrist. If any of these scenarios were truly offe1ive, wouldn’t a more effective way to highlight this issue be to, I don’t know, boycott the game or take a more co1istent stance? If this were: Witcher 4: ROACH AND I HIT THE CONGO (I would totally purchase this) and all NPC’s were lily white and spoke in a South Carolinian dialect, you may have an argument. But equating this DLC, set in an indistinct likeness of the South of France – where whites are 87% of the population, btw – comes off unfairly accusatory, at best. 87% Caucasian population in the South of France isn’t exactly the optimal locale to tackle inclusiveness.nI was raised in a racially mixed family. My Step-brother and I have been gaming together since Pole Position on the Commodore 64. My step-brother also happe1 to be black. We have had long conve1atio1 about AAA studios disingenuous attempts at cultural inclusion. The token black blacksmith. The typical Southern Californian “Brah”, in any JRPG. Token white guys in NBA2K16. (I kid, I kid). My point is when it is obviously forced, cultural inclusion can have the opposite effect intended.

  • lotsoflaughs 2 years ago

    Yeah, I didn’t like that point either. Either everything is a political statement, and excluding women is also a political statement, or nothing is.