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Death Race Arena

The death race is an unforgiving competition where only the strongest and the more skilled survive. Join the arena and drive your car, crashing into the others and destroying their vehicles, before they get the chance to destroy yours. Pick up power ups that will help you, buy upgrades and repair your car between levels and try to complete them all, so you can be the last one standing. Have a wonderful time playing this awesome game!

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  • Shortcube 2 years ago

    I will win a Soldier Front 2 key because as a young Canadian MMOFPS addict, I promised to my dead mother that I will play every single FPS on the internet. Obviously, that was a lie, because there are some pretty shitty one. But SF2 is one of the best looking game I’ve seen in yea1. I thought that A.V.A or Arctic Combat were the best but the gameplay of Soldier Front 2 seems really really really REALLYYYYY good so I just can’t wait until I’ll be able to try it. So yeah, plus I have a Youtube Channel so I’ll be able to do gameplays for my french subscribe1 and I’ll bring ever moar player, also if MMOBOMB want I’ll do some publicities even if I don’t think that they need it xD
    Anyways, here are the reaso1 why I should and I will win a Beta Key.
    Thanks & sorry for the bad english c: