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Christmas With Sara

The house and Christmas tree are fully decorated, the food and cookies are done, but our beloved girl, Sara isn't ready yet for Christmas, she needs your help in choosing a nice dress, getting her makeover done and picking the right hat and accessories, only then, she can say that She's absolutely ready for Christmas!

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  • one of the best RvR and its up again..!!!! wooot!!!! gonna play this very very very soon..!

  • GrymReefer420 2 years ago

    Ok yeh this kinda sucks. Very great memories of split screen battles…. But in reality, I can hardly remember the last time I played a shooter in split screen. I like having the screen to myself and that’s why I have Xbox live. They wanna get rid of it to improve the overall one player experience? I say go for it, I love the halo storyline and can’t wait to play this game. And there’s still the possibility of a future update to add it in…. People need to stop whining so damn much