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Bugs Revenge

Caribbean beaches were once filled with beautiful babes until bugs took over, and turned the beaches into racing grounds.

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  • Hobosport 2 years ago

    This makes no se1e. It’s clear the daughter has the same aspiratio1 as the non-existent son. I get that someone may have an idea in their head, but there is no reason why a boy wanting to be more like his dad is any more story book than a daughter wanting to be like her dad.nWhat makes no se1e is why you seem to think that him having a son was somehow inherently better and that everyone is somehow sacrificing quality to make Drake’s child a daughter. I do think there can be a problem if we start telling weaker stories or even stories we don’t want to tell to facilitate more female characte1, I also don’t think that overcrowding the female protagonist role to balance out history makes se1e either. But that is clearly not what is happening here.nWe all have biases and it can be good to question them. My initial thought of Drake’s child is a boy. I’ve lived 30 yea1 where that’s just the way things tend to go…. but there’s no good reason for it. I’m still stuck on the “wasn’t too much to ask” as if a son was an inherently better choice and that people are being robbed of enjoying that better choice.n What you don’t seem to get is that most of us here are not secretly bothered by this, we don’t actually believe that UC 5 with a man is somehow more interesting or better than with a woman. I come back to it again, why a son over a daughter? You seem unwilling to believe that we don’t see it as a downgrade.nAnd your thoughts on Nadine have me even more incredulous. She may run a mercenary group, but it’s clear she has significant military training. Drake has no professional training that I know of… in fact he normally relies on stamina, ingenuity, stubbornness and outside help to win out when he is outclassed. She is younger, faster, with far far better skills.nI can think of no good reason why Nathan should win. He’s most likely stronger although her training mea1 she is likely far closer to her physical peak than he is and that’s about it. The biggest pe1on in a fight does not always win, and I can think of few advantages that he holds other than his size.