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Line Car Parking

Pick and customise your car in this line vector parking game, choose your vinyls and spoilers or create your own.
Drive your customized car into its parking lot after picking up all the coins, so this without too much damage to the get time bonus and finish even faster.
Watch out for obstacles and driving cars and park as fast as possible!

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  • HmsWasava 2 years ago

    Star Citizen is a game that we backed because we believe in the vision that Chris Roberts has for the game. We want Star Citizen to be done by the man who brought us the original vision. We want SC to be done by the man who brought us the likes of Wing Commander. We want to bring together the game WE pledged for, that WE fought for, and that WE are working toward. Get off our lawn.nDon’t like what we’re doing? Go make your own game. Don’t steal the glory of ou1.