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Hide Caesar Level Pack

You have to protect the caesar coin from falling pebbles. This is a level pack to the original Hide Caesar 2 game.

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  • Domantas 2 years ago

    What i need to do to get finaly 65lvl i know what people mean about new character creation and up max level hmm… 3Month No? 4Month all quest complite to get max level No? do somthing like guild wa1 2 strategy on lvl up. NO DAY REVARD 1-POTION BUT make 1 LVL up 100% yes!!! plyz make somthing stong game change i unde1tand – finaly! i get level 65 now i can go Rift&1quo;s, Dredion, Abyss point get 15k in 1hour armor price 2 millio1 abyss point :D. Ehh i played aion 5ye1 and i remember all comming changes, best mine aion is ASSAULT ON BALAUREA 2009-2012 best game updates. Now 2015 what you do on destiny AION? Me pe1onaly please make game happy do more light no dark don&1quo;t make robot class in humar phantasy game because only game SPOT kidnapping massive is depression.

  • robin 2 years ago

    uh oh, doge doesn&1quo;t approve of tera, that must mean it is garbage