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Factory Truck Parking

Park the factory truck at the textile factory within the stipulated time and go on to unlock following levels successfully. Get your eyes and hands working together for this online game and boast a record time to your friends.rn

Category: Driving

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  • RubbahDubDuck 2 years ago

    I&1quo;m glad to see that you are willing to say that you like a franchise that gets a fairly negative respo1e from us on the internet. However, isn&1quo;t kind of sad that we have to explain why we still like a game/series to othe1?nIf it is game/franchise we enjoy, who&1quo;s to say we can&1quo;t enjoy it for our own reaso1?

  • stoneysilence 2 years ago

    Some people just don’t look good with a shaved head. This guy is one of those guys. That photo the article uses is unimpressive, his head looks huge and his body looks small and weak.

  • RIKI44 2 years ago

    can i plzzzz have one ????

  • Fireyhunter7 2 years ago

    I played Maplestory before and it was great, sure it might be boring but it updates frequently, which makes the game stay fresh and fun.