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Advertising Star

Macie is unbelievably pleased that her Chihuahua, Bailey, is now a star of advertising. Professional makeup and elegant outfit make her just invincible.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on and through the floating clothing, hair, background and accessory options!

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  • ThaScroll 2 years ago

    I can&1quo;t wait till MapleStory Chaos comes out! It&1quo;s going to be so nice!

  • Syoarn 2 years ago

    See, while I have never pe1onally played DayZ but I have seen videos, what you&1quo;re missing is the picture of it. Of cou1e there are people running around killing people during a zombie apocalypse. Would you REALLY want to take the chance of them being friendly? Could you really trust a complete stranger when resources are scarce? DayZ&1quo;s focus is on what life would be like in the zombie apocalypse. Not only surviving the zombies in which you are faced with, but the human interactio1 within so said society. Just like how it would turn out in the real world, in DayZ there will be people who want to be friendly or people who want to kill you and take everything you have. Simple human nature.

  • Aetherpunk 2 years ago

    speaking of which: Anyone here remember that guy that broke his client and went around killing people in a birthday hat?