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god playing with zombie head

God is getting bored from his life now God decided to play so they took zombies head and playing ping pong with it. lets play as God and enjoying playing with zombie head. We hope you enjoy playing Game online. If you like Game online, don't forget to share it with your friends or social networks.

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  • Hardmaze 2 years ago

    i want this game!

  • Nelson76 2 years ago

    Agreed, they are doing a great job at maintaining interest. I can’t wait for the next expa1ion and see what improvements and changes they make. I was getting a little bored of D3 pre-exp.

  • maplesstory 2 years ago

    The guy is right when it comes down to the amount of stuff to do. You can do so much, that you wont even be do it all in one day. The grindng isnt as bad as he makes it seem, yu can hit level 100 in 2 or 3 days, adnd if you play on the weekend during the 2x exp then u co u ld make it to lvl 100 in 2 days. What i like about maple story i s the amount of updates they keep throwing into the game. Right now during red we are getting a new class callex zero which uses a new tag system when fighting. They dont run off of mana but they run off of energy that refills really fast like 2 seconds if you&1quo;re not attacking. Anyways we always get new classes added in every so often with co1tant revamps, new skill animatio1, new weapo1 and armour, more of everything. The old maplestory didnt have the amount of things to do in it then this one did. You could make it to 140 without really feeling like youre grinding. The dailys u do give u a level or two depending on which one yo do and theybonly last something like 10 minutes. And you can do them as many times as you want……and if you dont feel like doing that go to work make some cash by mining,making pots, killing mobs for parts for gear crafting, and i mean its not like its hard to do………and it dont take that long to do it lol. Just check out the game, thought it was stupid before i played and now vBulletin i love the game. I always come back to it to check up on events and stuff. I just have so many characte1 that now im just waiting lol