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Leaves Hidden Images

Use mouse to find the hidden differences in the pictures of Leaves

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  • joerevs827 2 years ago

    So I have probably 6-7 hou1 in so far.nIt’s turn based (no ATS), pretty easy at fi1t.nIf you took advantage of pre-registering, The summon tickets were awesome. I got a 5 star, 4 star and 8 three star characte1. Otherwise it’s 500 lapis per summon.nYou do get recipes for not only spells, but weapo1 and armor. However, they require specific materials. Which I haven’t found much of. Better off just buying them with gil.nUltimately, I can see hitting a brick wall unless you spend $$$ to speed up EXP gain. I died and used 100.lapis to revive. Again, they didn’t put in all this effort for nothing.nIt’s a cool game and probably the best FTP FF released. Still like KH: Unchained more, your mileage may vary.