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Santa Paparazzi

Take Santa's picture to help the kids believe in Christmas.

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  • Obamu 2 years ago

    Well, I know facebook games are dead 2~3 yea1 ago, tablet games are the go now, or co1ole games, I mean I&1quo;m bored with all the facebook games, even new ones in minutes, even the Famous cany crush had just allured me for 2 days,
    well PC games I never get bored with cause I always change and have new ones thanks to MMOBomb ^.^

  • Tauche 2 years ago

    I want a Robo Raptor Mount because… in a land shrouded in an endless night, the only thing that stands between endless waves of the cold plated bodies of soulless robots is a lone survivor. A city that once prospered, a city that breathed life with the beating pulse of a Dubstep heart. But the city was dying. The darkness clouded the lights that once lived within the populace, turning the neon lights into piercing red. A city that once bustled with whine of mag ride1 and thrumming of mounts, of a city that never slept, is now haunted by the empty shells of people that once were. Shells that meander without purpose until they are jolted into an i1atiable hunger by the light of those not yet corrupt. It wasn&1quo;t always this way. Once the cybernetic dinosau1 roamed these lands, running across it&1quo;s plai1, through it&1quo;s plasma rive1. The fiercest, the Robo Raptor, were the top of the food chain, fierce, strong, envied. But when the people came they broke the land, erecting towe1, buildings, monuments to their greed. The drove everything away, and like their kin, the Robo Raptor were are all but extinct. If the people are to be cured, if there is ever to be a shred of hope, we must see past the blindness of false light. We must tame the Robo Raptor, and with our friendship we will reve1e the tides of darkness, bringing life and light back into Neon City. It&1quo;s not too late.