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Baby Bathing Games

Lovely babies always love bathing after the busy days. But it's really not easy to bath babies for their parents. Now please help the cute baby bathing!You should also have make the baby happy with all kinds of toys and baby bathing supplies,such as bubbles,shampoo,flowers,and so on during this bath time. Well,let's start!Enjoy!

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  • torresvoll 2 years ago

    “Video games are, in fact, mostly for kids. “nReally? Point me to that fact please. Last time I checked, the avg. gamer age was around 30.nAwaiting your sources.

  • Terry Bogard 2 years ago

    City of Steam: Arkadia bitches!

  • Quinten 2 years ago

    lol i dont think they do XD he was clearly sarcastic XD @ Random guy