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Violet Nightmare

Help Violet scape from her nightmare, fight monsters, collect powerups and survive.

Use Arrow keys to move, jump
use X to use the flashlight
Use Enter to pause the game and view the menu

Category: Action

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  • TinyXD 2 years ago

    I dont love Warframe Update 9 because again apear something new and again i need to spend time to get this new items 😉 but i fing will be ok )
    This was a litle joke ) But realy update 9 come with many change in the game and its realy great, GJ.

  • trentleighton 2 years ago

    Somewhere a 14 year old kid will trade in his dads NES for an amiibo.

  • ArcticLancer 2 years ago

    You would be incorrect. I still have my kit from Rock Band 2. The bass peddle is largely in tatte1, but I’ve kept it going with some packing tape, card, and willpower. The pads are all still great.nThat said, you bet I’ve been waiting yea1 for a chance to buy a new one and preordered the full-band bundle day one.