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Super Santa & the Christmas Minions

A crazy turkey has sought revenge on Santa Claus and his friends has turned into evil minions who have stolen gifts. Help Santa to recover the gifts and save Christmas.

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  • hba1quared 2 years ago

    So, a difference of 128 horizontal pixels? That can’t be right.

  • VoxMediaUser1118121 2 years ago

    I fucking love the fi1t two movies.nI know Wesley was an absolute asshole on the set of trinity, but hopefully his time out of the limelight and frankly in prison maybe helped to ground him a little.nif for ANY reason they made another blade or had him in season 3 of daredevil, I would loose my cookies.nI just want to hear him say “Whhhhhhistlerrr” one more time. that’s all. please.