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Cheerleader Group

Macie's dream came true! Now she's a leader of school support group. Nobody can stay indifferent to sporty and stylish friends.rnInstructions:rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.

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  • Hi1brunner 2 years ago
  • Peanutty 2 years ago

    I was so going to buy this game….. Now that its going F2P I wont be playing this game…. I&1quo;ve played most F2P and P2P games and they are WAY imbalanced. And there is to many NON-ENGLISH people playing on ENGLISH SERVERS. F2P is for spoiled 10 year olds or people to cheap to pay less then 15 bucks a month for a real game.

  • AuomAk 2 years ago

    So how do we know if we get a key? Do they just email us the key or what?