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Ziggy’s Carol

Move with mouse or keyboard.rnPoke children to make them drop their presents, buy upgrades and find out what troll is hiding for you!

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  • chidorilord 2 years ago

    thanks awesome game

  • TwinStripe UK 2 years ago

    Why (for purely financial reaso1) should they? Why devote a team of write1, programme1, mo-cap enginee1, performe1 and designe1 to a project for 6-12 months to produce a $30 item that sells to a handful of the playerbase, when you can get the majority of them to drop $20 on some cosmetic gear at the drop of a hat, and occasionally recycle existing content with a re-skin (plus, using a handful of staff to achieve that)?nI still seriously doubt there will even BE a Destiny 2…