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Image Change for Ami

It is so exciting to experiment with your looks and completely change your image: hairstyle, makeup and the way you dress. Will Ami’s friends recognize her after the makeover?rnInstructions: rnUse your mouse to click on the buttons and to change numerous clothes items and backgrounds.

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  • falcone2 2 years ago

    Overall I thought the movie was OK but I really liked the ending. The fact that there was no magical fix for the situation was nice. Sometimes you mess up and there are co1equences. That doesn’t mean your life is over, you just need to find a new path. It’s a good message.

  • JohnnyH87 2 years ago

    Really? I&1quo;ve played GW2 and in my opinion the leveling system is completely broken. The only good way of gaining any decent XP is by doing public group quests, everything else from crafting, questing and killing mobs gives so little it&1quo;s barely worth doing at all.