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Egg Vs Robots

Escape from the attack of a robotic swarm in this addictive action shooting game.
Lead Max, an incredibly brave egg, to prevent robots from taking over your farm.
Use pistols, uzis, bazookas, missiles and much more.
Upgrade your weapons, special powers and skills in the upgrade menu to get stronger and to escape from the evil robots.

- Aim/Shoot: Mouse.
- 1-3: Switch Weapon.
- Space: Launch missiles.
- P: Pause.

Category: Action

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  • Archeage is CRAP it is not remotely sandbox and at the end of the day no one seiges becase guilds do not want to lose their castles.
    The most popular activity is going to this island that EVERYONE needs to go to, to get currency for houses and furnature and other things, and kill those people over and over and over.
    It is a terrible game, played all the K Betas.

  • Arian Taghdiri 2 years ago

    this guy lol, so you chose a shittier system with no games so you can play by you1elf? Not like you are forced to talk and interact with all the little kids on xbox live

  • NomnomZilla 2 years ago

    Are there even 1mil Xbone owne1? wtf? tho everyone with a bit of brain got much superior ps4.