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Adele Dressup

One night, when Adele was in deep sleep, she had a dream. She was standing in a beautiful abstract world and looks more pretty.Do you want to know how she looks in her dream? Just travel with her in her dream, on the while give some really perfect outfits for her and have fun.

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  • Eikast1 2 years ago

    There is no way that this will happen. You need a GTX 980 Ti for 4K with medium level graphics and a Titan X for 4K with ultra texture quality. Such a PS4 would cost at least $1000. I believe that Sony may release a revised ve1ion (PS4 Slim) and would include support for 4K video encoding (required for DRM for streaming services such as Netflix)

  • Leetables 2 years ago

    QuakeCon is a bucket list item for me!