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Abstract Lines Slider

Use the mouse to slide together the abstract lines picture together in three different sizes

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  • NoiseCrime 2 years ago

    Yeah but these are journalists were talking about, you know exactly the sort of people who are there to go out and learn the facts, digest them, report them. None of which any of the main stream gaming sites appear to have been remotely interested in doing for some strange reason.nIt is for this reason that a whole host of other news, harassment of reporte1, abuse of DMCA, threats of DMCA takedow1 on people making reviews of specific develope1 games, weird claims of doxxing, hacking( e.g this one) not being accurately examined and much more.nTwo things have come out of this crisis, the gaming media is not what they seem and there is a climate of fear for journalists, develope1 and commentato1 that have an opposing view.nI wonder if Polygon will even bother to report that The Escapist is going to amend their original Zoe Quinn story ‘Depression Quest Dev Faces Harassment After Steam Submission’ to point out that is ‘reporting allegatio1 made by the game developer in question which had not been verified by a third party’.