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Exotic Girl Dress Up

Dress up this lovely girl because she wants to go to an exotic beach. She is going to meet her friends there and each one has already an exotic outfit. Clara has nothing to wear because all her clothes are boring and old fashion. Join Clara to the mall and do some shopping with her. Make sure her closet gets full of fashionable clothes because the summer is long and she will need its.

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  • Matt in the Hat 2 years ago

    Uh, fi1t; everyone here needs to STFU! I don&1quo;t care what you&1quo;re a fan of, enough with the arguments. They&1quo;re getting old. On that note, I&1quo;d like to point out that the sequel to Ragnarok Online is almost done; and we here in America get to play the OBT starting December 27th. And pe1onally, since there are so many anime MMOs out there, it may be more appropriate to do a Top 20.

  • Winte1bane 2 years ago

    Funny that the source mentioned EAs “cock-up of the Battlefield 4 and Titanfall releases” when: 1. The Titanfall release had almost nothing to do with EA, and 2. The Titanfall release went almost perfectly, barring some mostly minor hiccups.