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Dress up a fairy princess in this fantasy dress-up game! The fairy is floating in the air on the right side of the screen. rnOn the left, you will see all the traits you can change about her. These traits include hair, jewelry, makeup, wings, clothing, and accessories. rnClick on an icon to change it. You can click on the numbers below to see all the different options. rnChoose the color of your hair, dress, or other item by moving the bars on the green, red, and blue bars. rnThe color will change as you adjust the bars. Click done once you are all finished with her!rnrn

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  • CultRituals 2 years ago

    This is such a huge bummer, because I know this article is right. I want to play this game more than any other that will be released this year and yet…I know I should wait (and begrudgingly will) because:n1. There is no way to get every piece of content that should have been in the game no matter where you buy it.n2. Games are now often plagued with issues that aren’t fully ironed out (usually) until a month or two post-launch.n3. Buying this day-one is only supporting more of this kind of practice from publishe1/retaile1.nWhat a disappointment.