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Wizard of Hands

Prove your manicure skills and beautify this magical hand. If you love to embellish a monster hand, this is the great chance for you. There is also some beauty in the beast, and it can be explored by someone like you. Explore your beautifying skills and have fun.

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  • ProGilezey 2 years ago

    If this was my type of game, I would definitely buy it simply to support them because their attitude. Its a shame that big companies like Ubisoft have kind of ruined many gamer’s views on games to the point where they believe it is almost necessary to pirate a game before laying money down because there is little faith that the developer has even taken into co1ideration its custome1.nI don’t agree with pirating, but since many companies release bad ports of games it is the only way to e1ure you are getting the product you believe you are paying for.