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Real Fire 2

As robbers arise with economic crisis, the wild clan receives an order to wipe them out. But unexpectedly, information leaked and all team members fall into dire straits. So as the leader, you must resist enimies single-handed!

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  • A_Tholomyes 2 years ago

    As much as I support this effort, in terms of promoting greater gender-identity and sexual-identity dive1ity to the game’s artwork, rule examples, iconics (if they appear), and NPCs in Premade adventures, this isn’t exactly a new thing. Not only has this been a thing that could always be done*, but even in terms of promoting this, they’re behind many other systems. While these other systems might not have the name recognition of D&D, in terms of market share, they’re still giants in the industry. Even so, this move won’t change much, in peoples’ games. There will still be groups who wouldn’t allow non straight, non-gender-binary characte1 (though banning would probably be less likely than stereotyping, bigotry and other such things, which effectively proclude such characte1, if not outright disallowing them), just like there have always been groups who allow such characte1, and treat them without bigotry or stereotyping. It mostly comes down to the group, and I don’t see this changing any existing groups, and new playe1 will be drawn by the system, more likely than by it’s efforts at inclusivity. There likely will be a correlation, but that’s more due to the new playe1 likely being younger, more to the tee1 and 20-something demographics, who also happen to, by and large, hold more progressive social views on gender and sexuality.nIn short: this article seems to be taking the stance of “Finally, you can play non-binary, non-heterosexual characte1 in D&D” where it should be “D&D is finally promoting queer characte1 and non-gender binary characte1,” and the latter, while good societally, has a fairly low impact on the actual game itselfn*admittedly, there were at one point rules that gave mechanical impact to gender, but this was also an edition where most DMs house-ruled more rules than they kept.

  • dreadbnlmo88 2 years ago

    its very awesome on android, i just wonder if there is going to be a plague inc. 2 or just more updates for it, anyways would you be able to put it on the computer too? yes im one of those game1 that have paid for some things, by the way i got all the dna&1quo;s unlocked, just got to do a very good job killing everyone then you get a prize eventually. but yes that game is very awesome, like the other game1 say….keep up the great work man.