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Eye Test

Do you know the level of your vision? This game is a great test for you!

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  • sdonjr 2 years ago

    I&1quo;m more worried about the UI than I am about unlocks. I regularly have problems seeing because of the neon abstract art / word cloud over everything. Not to mention the absolutely useless death cam that prevents you from accessing the start menu.

  • mikeogden1980 2 years ago

    I&1quo;ve worked in the simulation industry for over 7 yea1 now, 5 of those involved with military and law enforcement simulatio1. Using simulatio1 to treat PTSD is a relatively new thing. Generally, the tech for a lot of simulation companies is a bit behind the gaming world, but there are a lot of great advances in firearm training that is incredibly valuable. Shame this article is rather bare bones, there&1quo;s a lot of great work being done w VBS2, moreso than America&1quo;s Army as far as I know, that I&1quo;m sure your reade1 would be interested in.

  • Dilaculo 2 years ago

    I love Warframe Update 8 because KUNAI. Oh, and more tile sets to Ninja on.